Congressional Dyslexia Caucus Introduces Bipartisan House Resolution

Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D., along with Congresswoman Julia Brownley, recently introduced H. Res 456, a resolution urging the House of Representatives to call on schools and state and local educational agencies to address the implications that dyslexia has on students.  Representatives Cassidy and Brownley both serve as the Co-Chairs of the House Dyslexia Caucus. 
Cassidy stated, “Dyslexia affects millions of Americans, including many students.  We know that many with dyslexia are among our brightest and most successful.  If dyslexia is identified in elementary school and the appropriate resources are given to these children, America can produce more teachers, more scientists and more entrepreneurs.”
Congresswoman Brownley added, “I am happy to support this common-sense first step towards addressing dyslexia in our schools.  With this resolution, the Caucus can help raise awareness amongst our colleagues about the tools we need to put in place to ensure students struggling with learning disabilities like dyslexia succeed and thrive.”
Several advocacy groups involved in dyslexia applaud the introduction of this legislation and look forward to what progress will be made in the next year. Their statements follow:
“NCLD applauds Congress for passing a resolution that recognizes the value and talent that resides in students with dyslexia and other learning and attention issues. Now, we must all work together to ensure our education system lives up to the promise expressed in this important resolution,” said James Wendorf, Executive Director of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.
“Parents across the country are eager to support Reps. Cassidy and Brownley in their bipartisan effort to recognize and meet the needs of students with dyslexia.  We encourage all legislators to join their colleagues in advancing this cause.  As a nation we cannot afford to maintain the status quo when it comes to teaching our children to read; far too many students are being left behind,”  said Decoding Dyslexia.
"Dyslexia, and other related disabilities, should be about strengths, not about shame. This resolution is an important initial step toward assuring that every child receives a fair and appropriate education and every workplace complies with federal laws about equal opportunity for our community of 30 million Americans,"  said Ben Foss, Board Chair, Headstrong Nation.
"Thousands of students, parents, and educators in Learning Ally’s community appreciate the efforts of Dr. Cassidy and members of the Dyslexia Caucus as they advance the reforms needed to improve  educational opportunities for the one in five individuals who are affected by dyslexia,"  said Edward Bray, Learning Ally’s Director of Public Policy & Advocacy.
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